Friday, April 24, 2015

Love Me

Love Me.

If You can do nothing else, love Me.
If I am the one You want close to You, call Me and I'll be there.
It You lust for Me, say so and I will quench Your thirst.

Live Me.

If all is tasteless, taste Me.
If emptiness rules over Your days and slays Your nights, drag Me within You.
If You can't exist without Me, live Me and I will embrace You in my mantle.

Follow Me.

If You don't know where to go, follow Me and I'll help You find Your path.
If You can't walk the hardest road, let Me grab Your hand and guide You.
If You want to give up and stop going, look at Me and I will carry You until You can rise again.

Cry Me.

If the moonlight daesn't replace Me in your loneliness, remind Yourself that the night also comes to an end.
If Your light can't shine because I am away, cry Me and put out those flames of despair.
If My voice is not enough to calm and soothe You, wait until I return.

Light Me.

If I ask for nothing in return, give Yourself.
If I stretch out My arm in silence, hold Me.
If My light should fade, set fire to My every corner.

For We are no more then human.
For Our light may not always shine, nor shine forever.
For We are just two souls that cannot live without living each other.

Because Love, Life, Paths, Tears and Light are only parts of who We are.


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