Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The package

Think about how much it hurt.
Think about it.
Just imagine the overwhelming anger that lived inside you, at that particular moment.
Imagine it.
Dive into the doubts that harassed your mind, the ones that deprived you of your sleep at night.

Count the tears that were forced into leaving your eyes because you accumulated so many painful moments that culminated in that precise moment in which it happened.
Count them.

Now mix that all up. Soak yourself in it completely, and absorb all those mixed emotions that came and went at such an atrocious speed within your soul.
Take it now, and just hand it to someone you stepped on. That same one you hurt.

Seriously. Be human and hand it over, nice and tidy, all wrapped up…

How’s that? Feel any better?
Just because you got to receive a shitty package of crap from someone else, it gives you the right to do the same to next person?
Just because it so happens that in your corrupted soul, you felt it was righteous? 

Just tell me. Tell me!! Does it make you feel better? More powerful? Like you own someone’s emotions?! Their life?
Tell me, causer of emptiness. Tell me, untarnished one. How do you feel now that you did what someone else did to you?

You know what? You’re no good.
Please, just… just don’t even breathe!
Don’t waste your energy justifying the unjustifiable.
There’s no explanation, no reason, no how or why.

You can’t reason, you can’t think, you just can’t feel. Just like an animal, there’s nothing within you…

Nothing within.

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