Thursday, April 23, 2015

To dream or not to dream

Dreaming is good for you, so they say.

Admit it: you love to dream. Specially daydreaming.
What really hurts, I mean, what really eats you up is the simple fact that dreams rarely come true, now do they?...
The simple act of dreaming lies within all human beings. Anyone of us dreams about money, fantasizes about wordly possessions and amazing jobs. Others are different; they dream about people.

And those are the ones that suffer for being dreamers. Because their dream is the one person that lives within their dreams, and these are the ones who least have the chance to fulfill their purpose of desire.

Just imagine: in those dolce far niente days, when you’re just relaxing in the couch, or in bed, or maybe that swinging net you have right there on the terrace.
And then, in those moments, you immerge into “dreamer mode” and reflect on how nice it would be if you were your person’s person. Deep down in the back of your mind everything makes sense (or it would, if it were real), all things have a purpose and all the struggles, all you trials and tribulations suddenly have a meaning.
Those trips you talk about, those nights, those concerts you planned to share with that special someone, only mak sense if they are experienced with the one you crave.
Finally doing what you dream, with the one you dream about, fills your being with thoughts only gods could have drawn. It all makes sense doesn’t it?

But then… Then you wake up.
You look around you and you’re still in the same place.

No, you are not holding hands with your one and only.
No, you aren’t cuddling in their lap.
No, you aren’t talking or laughing with the one you desire.
No. Nothing has changed from a moment ago.

You’re still there. Wherever that is. Alone. With infinity eyes, maybe even crying eyes, awaking from the dream.
And just how many of us spend our lives dreaming of the person of our dreams, dreaming to be the person of their dreams?

Too many. 

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