Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Craving is such a strange word, don't you agree?...

It's desire at its highest. It's wanting in a whole new level. It's what I feel every single time I let you crawl inside my head.

I shouldn't have touched you.
I shouldn't have let you see into my fears.
I shouldn't...

You have a sense of purpose to what you do to me. Makes me want more from you, more of that poison you throw around for all the idiots to taste.
And I am one of those idiots, right? The idiot in my own right. Another one that thinks he's the right one for the likes of you...

Don't worry. I know I'm wrong. I know you are nobody's girl. No one's bitch.
You're just a glimpse of what could be if.
And that's alright. You know? It is. That's the way our world is built.

It's just us, the clowns. Our little urban aquarium. Out little corner of hell and you're the devil. Slick, treacherous and always demandign but never giving. Yeah... My she-devil.
But I want you anyway. I'd sell my soul to you if you'd let me. You just laugh at me when I say these things in your ear. How you love the adulation... No more than we love to worship you.
I crave you, baby. Just you.

My she-devil.
My one.
My everlasting and neverending craving...

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