Friday, December 30, 2016

Save me

Save me, darling. Can you save me, please?

No one person can do what you can do. And I need it. I need those miracles.
I desperately need that look that sees right through me. The one where you undress my very soul. Please, darling, can you save me?...

I'm tired, darling. So very tired of me. Of not wanting me in my own life.
It aches to get up and walk the life I didn't chose.
It suffocates me to breathe this corrupted air that surrounds us mercilessly.
Just for today, my sweet darling, can you save me?...

These people, these corners. Where am I? How did I get here?...
What strange place is this? that has nothing of you in the walls or in the rooms where I lie awake. I'm dying. My memories are slipping away and I can't bear the thought of losing you too. I'm slowly fading into a background that has no light or hope.
I strech my arms, dreaming that you will pull me away from all of this. Your hands, my darling...
Let me beg you again and again... Save me, please save me, my darling...

My breasts are not as you remember them. Nor is my skin. Not even my eyes.
I am older but not wiser. For I cannot release myself from this place of withering. Not by myself, not without you.
I sat on the corner of the bedroom, crying and asking empty questions to which I already know the answers. And I hear your voice inside my tired head. Shouting my name in confusion. But I am also confused, darling. I need saving.

Oh, how I need you today. Tonight. Always.
I need you to rescue me one last ime, darling.
Just for today, my swet darling, can you save me from me?...
Will you...?

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